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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

How many times in life have you told yourself and others that you can’t do something?

How many times has that statement actually been true?

I think you will find that more often than not you ‘Can’ do whatever you put your mind to, but choose not to for whatever reason. I would like you for a moment to consider the difference between the words can’t and won’t. It stands to reason that those who say they can’t do something may indeed be saying they won’t do it. Why not is the question that comes to mind?

Is it really too much? Or are you hiding in plain sight from something? Maybe you just don’t want to do it. I guess the ‘it’ is the most important thing- what is it that you don’t want to do? Is it something you have been asked by another person? Or something you know you need to do for yourself but don’t feel like doing?

So far this whole piece sounds like one big riddle, that is because its true, often we cant explain why we don’t want to do something, we just don’t want to do it. In some rare cases we can’t physically do things but those are rare occasions. Most of the time we choose not to. One of the biggest factors is self limiting beliefs, we are afraid of doing things outside of our comfort zone. Fear paralyses us. The thought that we might make huge idiots of ourselves keeps us from progressing forwards.

What if… what if we all took a leap of faith and actually challenged our own perceptions? What if we all did just one new thing that challenges us? What would that feel like? If we all do something then there’s nobody left to laugh or stare, or even judge because then we are all in the same boat. Trying to better ourselves. Trying to overcome our self limiting beliefs that entrap us and makes us feel like we can’t do anything. What if… we could do anything? What thing would you do??

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