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Image by David Mark from Pixabay

As I lay upon a bed of grass looking up at the bright blue sky

I remember how in a matter of weeks the tide of the weather will turn..

The skies will turn from blue to grey, and the sun will shine less brightly.

The autumns leaves will wither away in reds and browns and oranges.

I wonder then how to stay in high spirits whilst the world around me is dying..

Autumn is the last defense against winter — with its cold clutches coming fast and icy

How then do I stay upbeat? Do I sing, dance or move to create heat?

Do I ignore the coming cold and stay inside warm and hibernating?

Maybe the bears have got the right idea- hiding away til the suns out again?

No but I must live on, keep going, not quit. Put a brave face on and hope I don’t get sick.

Yes that’s what I will do.. keep smiling, keep shining and motivating myself and others to welcome the changing seasons. Each has its place and reason.

So now to answer my original conundrum.. to stay upbeat and overcome the winter blues, I will create an atmosphere of love, laughter and news.

Yes that is what I’ll do to beat the winter blues…

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